The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran
The Father of Para-Tan, master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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Here you will find testimonial from both, those who have attended one of our workshops or have followed the Audio recordings offer on Youtube

Starlyn wrote: "Namaste, Sri Swami Shri Param Eswaran :)

I was lead to your videos on sound healing a week or so ago and then found several more today. Listening to the seed sounds and the vibrations have been very healing.

Today was the first time I chanted along with your voice. There is a night and day difference when properly instructed on how to vibrate mantras through the chakras! I could feel the energy channels opening and the body heating up so quickly.

You ever inspire me with the flow of Divine Grace and your diligence to uplift humanity through the Goddesses. You have been a shining light in some of my most challenging moments this year. I feel so blessed to be connected and am praying for your outreach to others and for the fulfillment of your Divine Purpose in this lifetime. Thank you for being a lighthouse to all of us on the path. May all your wishes come true!

Peace Pilgrim Prayer:
May all who meet you be uplifted.
May all who bless you be blessed.
May all who serve you receive the greatest satisfaction.
And may any who think or act to harm you be contacted by your thought of Source and be healed.

Aum Namah Sivaya

~ Starlyn M.
Sri Ahh SaktiMa Tapasdakini Joyful Bhakti


Vikki Kennedy Johnson an Elder in the Washington DC Area.

Vikki wrote: "REAL LOVE SERVES! Yes my Dear Shri Param Eswaran! Thank you for serving the way you do! You've been a wonderful example since the day we met! Still doing what you said ~ FROM MY HEART!"

Grey Hunt Gardner
Many people have asked me to explain how mantras work from a Westerners perspective, and this is how I find most can relate:

Think of the mantras as songs. We have all listened to music our entire lives and found genres or artists that invoked specific emotions we could relate to depending on what phase of our journey we were on. Think of a song that could make you cry, laugh, or maybe even dance just by hearing and feeling its sounds. These Mantras are a way to intentionally invoke different aspects of ourselves through a deeper universal kind of music. Sound is so simple on its own. Once you know the bija sounds and goddess mantras, they will become the music for every mood, strength and weakness you run across. With grace, passion, and specific intention behind them you will find their power within yourself!

Kirtan Mandal
Namaskar Shri Param Eswaran ji,
Your writing is amezing. I thought on Fb people coming for just time pass or publicity. You are writing amazing. Great. Please write on Women health, Spirituality. Hope very soon i'll able to see your new article.
Warm regards.
Shri Param has posted more the 80 articles, to read all is only a click away.

Melissa wrote:
"I suffer from migraines and since using the healing sound videos I have not had a migraine. I can't begin to explain the relief. I have also been able to concentrate more at work . I have a tedious computer career and I become easily distracted. My productivity has gone up. I find myself smiling more, from within. My husband has noticed my radiant mood as well. ♥"

Davide Cane wrote:
"Worshiping the feminine opens the gates of heaven, feeds the soul and connects your entire energy system with the universal energy system. You will gently gain freedom from your fears, attachments and all other limitation, wisdom will flow through you and even your practical life will be nourished with success and you will happily share your achievements with your brothers and sisters on hearth. The feminine outside and inside of you will turn to you as a friend and a lover, becoming the dynamic positive energy that is meant to be empowering every single aspect of your life. You will fall in love with life and mother hearth and all leaving beings, respecting and loving yourself and others as it was meant to be since you were born.
In the ancient game Serpent & Arrows that was used by ancient yogis to understand more about their previous life patterns there is ONLY one activity that takes you STRAIGHT to the highest and ultimate step which is COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and that is SPIRITUAL DEVOTION, this happens through worshiping.

Practicing the way of the Leaving Goddess Tradition teachings and the Yoni Worship that I learned from Shri Param Eswaran is bringing me through this path where I find all these beautiful achievements becoming real in my life, it is like walking your way with your hand securely held by the Divine Mother that always watches on you, protects you and prizes your loving and unconditional devotion with the most beautiful blessings she is able of.

Federica Gorni
Thanks to the constant practice of Para-Tan various chronic conditions that I carried on for years disappeared.
The effect of Para-Tan is not only physical, but it is much deeper, at all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual ....

In fact now the situations where I get upset are very rare, it prevails within me a sense of peace and serenity never felt so far ...
Thanks to the practice of Para-Tan sounds Iím more calm and energetic.

Thank you very much Divine Shri Param!

Big hugs to all

Renee Jeffus
greetings Beloved Para Tan family!!
I am incredibly excited to be a part of the blossoming of this transformative work that our beloved Shri Param has brought forth for us. I have been in deep integration mode since Shri Param was here sharing his work with my community of Ashland, Oregon a few weeks ago. We all feel incredibly blessed and continue to be touched beyond comprehension by this amazing work!! Thank you my dear teacher and friend for bestowing your blessings upon me again!!
My experience with this work has once again catapolted my evolution and heart has deepened in it's desire to be of service in the world during this Great Awakening and I recognise this work of The Living Goddess tradition and the Para Tan sound healing to be of utmost value in in that service and in this time. We have been holding circles here and all are being touched, inspired and awakened!

It will be a pure joy to dive into the sharing and inspiration here in this group and I hope someday to have the pleasure of meeting you all! Perhaps a big gathering of us all somewhere to dive deep into circle and worship!
Love and Blessings,

Jessica wrote:
"WOW. Beyond words. Deepest, most profound love and gratitude for the powerful, exquisite, indescribably transformative healing that Shri Paramji has brought into our lives. This work of the Divine Mother, these sacred sounds, this magnificent remembrance of our Holiness is the work that the world needs now. Thank you to dearest Paramji for the beauty and power you have re-awakened within us, and to all of the beautiful, magnificent souls who attended--who held such a sacred, healing space of love, understanding, support and compassion, so sweetly and elegantly.

We walked in as "biological women" and left as true women: the Embodiment of Divine Love, Goddesses of Wisdom, Priestesses of Light, Beauty and Divine Grace, luminous emanations of the Divine Mother, Herself. Our lives have been changed, our hearts have been opened, our souls have flowered and we now truly know Who We Are."

Renee Jeffus
Just wanted to share that we had an amazing Para Tan Sound healing circle here in Ashland a few hours ago. We have been having them !-2x a week since Shri Param was here and today 12 people came and worshipped and loved together. The feeling of community and family joining together in love was so palpable and illicited such joy and gratitude from me over and over again! As I sink deeper and deeper into the resonance of this work, my heart just expands and spreads to infinity! Thank you my dear teacher and my Para Tan family for birthing and growing this work of Love in the world!

Jessica Trimbath
Re: Hello' to everybody and a brief sharing. Goddesses, I am still reeling from our time together and processing everything, just basking in the peace that feels like (what words are big enough) feels like.. the buzz of bumblebees in flowers outside all through me. I am facing difficulties with a new found Grace and have, like Shalini said, a new wind of strength and inspiration. I miss you all and would love for us to continue the work together somehow. I realize everyone is scattered in different directions, but perhaps even if we could get together once a month to reinforce our private practices, we could really soar. So much love to all of you and I will never forget our shared healing and the perfect love and trust we all felt in holding space for Shri Param Ji's sacred work!

Love and Light! Jessica

Kelly Luscombe Bea commented on her wall post.
Kelly wrote: "Namaste Dear Sri Devanayagi! We had such a wonderful time with Shri Paramji on our property!!! It was so sweet to bring him tea, share meals and just drink in his divine presence. He is super cool beyond words.. . I treasure those blessed days. A big gift from Divine Mum, no doubt about it.. He is always always welcome. Nuestra casa es la casa de EL!!!! Our house is his house in Ojai!!!"

Maraat Natasha Spence
Subject: Good Morning
Thank you for your time visiting with us and sharing the healing sounds in. I found the work you did with me on my breasts to be most shifting and helpful. I am looking forward to continued improvements as I develop my practice.

The information you have on the web is now different than when I first began reading about your work, a few years ago. You explained how women heal the yoni and emotions, etc. It had a peach and white background. Where can I access those writing?

Looking forward to your next visit. Thank you again for sharing.


Vikki Kennedy posted on your Wall.
"My Dearest Shri Param ~ you're "sounds" are forever sealed in my HEART ~ the place from which I now go forth and live a life of impact! I love you and look forward to seeing you again...lovingly *preacher girl*"

Steven Van Neste
Thanks again for the Chanmundaye mantra you posted on your wall, used it again last evening and it had profound effects, relaxed my body and mind and gave a lot of clarity and when I was laying down in bed later, there were these constant images of being touched with shakipat diksha.

Many blessings

Yoga Shakti
Shri Param , I feel my heart...and I hear the sound in my right ear then I want to explore into the sound , there I find peace ... but in my heart there it grow I desire to see you and to follow you Shri Param, because you are the teacher of SOUND!!!

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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

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