The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran
The Father of Para-Tan, master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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Para-Tan and our DNA.
Para-Tan Sound healing can reprogram our DNA.

What is DNA
DNA is the chemical found in the nucleus of cells that makes up chromosomes. It is important to all cells, and to all organisms, because:

1. It is responsible for passing genetic information to new cells during the process of cell division,

2. It is responsible for passing genetic information from one generation to the next during reproduction, and

3. It provides the instructions for building proteins, which in turn carry out the major functions of a cell.

In short, an organism (be it an amoeba or a human being) could do nothing without DNA. It could not carry out its normal functions, could not replace worn-out cells, and could not reproduce.

Single strand and double strand DNA damage.

The latest scientific findings suggest that negative emotions can result in DNA damage. Sound can repair damaged DNA strands. With past experience Para-Tan sound healing has proven to be effective in repairing damaged DNA thus helping to regulate cell division. Unregulated cell division can lead to the formation of a tumor, which is potentially lethal to an organism.
Other sources of damage

DNA damage can be subdivided into two main types:
1. Endogenous damage such as attack by reactive oxygen species produced from normal metabolic byproducts (spontaneous mutation), especially the process of oxidative deamination. Also includes replication errors,

2. Exogenous damage caused by external agents such as ultraviolet [UV 200-300nm] radiation from the sun, other radiation frequencies, including x-rays and gamma rays, hydrolysis or thermal disruption, certain plant toxins, human-made mutagenic chemicals, especially aromatic compounds that act as DNA intercalating agents, cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and viruses.

The replication of damaged DNA before cell division can lead to the incorporation of wrong bases opposite damaged ones. Daughter cells that inherit these wrong bases carry mutations from which the original DNA sequence is unrecoverable (except in the rare case of a back mutation, for example, through gene conversion).

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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

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