The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran
The Father of Para-Tan, master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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Lord Ganesh and the Journey of the Living Goddess

The Journey of the Living Goddess

Sri Yantra and the alchemy of the Living GoddessInter Faith Charitable - Mahavidya Inner Health center offers teachings of the 10 Mahavidyas also knowing as the Goddess of wisdom and ParaTan teachings. Mahavidya Inner Health center in Malaysia offers training mainly in Malaysia and two 15 days intensive in India. Our Master yearly tours Italy, The Netherlands, Ojai California, and Australia offer 4 days healing intensive based on the Mahavidya Teachings.

Birth of  The Serpent Goddess

The teachings of Para Tan have changed my life. When I first arrived in India at The Mahavidya Temple, Shri Param gave me the name Nagarani; Serpent Queen to serve as a focus for meditation. The constellation star ruling my moon, or Nakshatra illustrates my soul as having the true nature of a female serpent in Vedic astrology. Over the last year, with the blessing of Para-Tan flowing through me I surpassed the arrogance and lower vibration of ego programming and accessed the Devic or “god-like” nature which I was meant to embody within this incarnation. I didn’t even know what my true nature was until coming to The Mahavidya Temple in India. It is written in my star chart that although I have a high birth my low mentality is something which must be overcome. Rather than dress like a goddess and spontaneously join a foot race against a twelve year old girl and suffer from the humiliation of wiping out in front of 65 village children, I must learn the lesson of aligning my behavior with the appropriate energy of the situation at hand. This training and reconditioning is available at IFC Mahavidya temple and ashram from Tantric Guru Shri Param Eswaran.

Now that I have developed humility and grace I now consider how I may serve and benefit the world, rather than how the world may serve and benefit me, and I’ve placed my twelve-year-old girl in the past and now revel in the ecstasy of being a true woman. Shri Param gave me the new name to celebrate the birth of my truly divine nature embodied as Nageswari; Serpent Goddess. Softness and humility have become my most powerful weapons allowing me the capacity to embody inner strength and slay the demons of ego-attachment. This in turn better enables me to Serve, Love, and Nurture the universe as a priestess and goddess of creation.

If it were not for the accelerated nadi clearing and activation that the Para Tan Sound Healing Sessions entail, it is quite likely that another integral component of Para-Tan’s Teachings would never have gotten through my western-conditioned-busy-mind:

The real meaning of Woman’s Power. In Tantra, the ultimate dynamic power of the Universe is worshipped as the Mother Goddess Shakti and women are worshipped and honored as the microcosmic embodiments of the Divine Mother. Within this tradition the women create the environment for harmonious co-existing with Love, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Softness, Steadfastness, and Humility.

It is a true woman’s nature to nurture and attend to the needs of her loved ones, community, and environment, putting the benefit of the whole ahead of her needs. It is written in the sutras that this is the only sadhana women must do to attain self realization, while men must undertake many different forms of sadhana and meditation to reach the same goal.

A true woman is the embodiment of LOVE, which is expansive, giving, sharing and as such-has no needs.

Did I lose you there? Women have no needs! That’s right, you heard me. As the daughter of a Baby Boomer Feminist and having been strongly influenced by the women’s movement which continues today in many Goddess oriented spiritual groups-this set my teeth on edge.

When Shri Param first told me that women have no needs I dug in my heels, briefly reviewed my stockpile of feminist ammunition and prepared for battle. It’s an ironic yet incredibly common characteristic within human nature, thanks to our ego and free will, even though we know we need to change because our current situation isn’t working for us, cling desperately to our illusionary sense of control and false hope and defend our misguided actions and thought patterns to maintain our misery, as though our lives depend on it. Ego. Ego must be removed like the head of a demon to surrender to the flow of Divine Grace, Love, and Compassion: Shakti.

In my preparation for battle with Shri Param I considered the options for his next (perceived) assault on my life.

“I suppose next he’ll tell me that women should be quiet, seen but not heard, and dutifully serve their families”.

My inner demons snarled and gnashed their teeth, stomping the ground restlessly, and feeding my thoughts poison t lend rage to their battle frenzy. Keep in mind that this perceived battle takes place in India to where I have flown half way across the planet to learn from the man (perceived) to be attacking my very character. The bait was hung, the trap was set and BANG! The cage slammed down around the culprit who would dare challenge my Woman’s Power.

Once the dust settled I was very surprised to see bars around me/my ego, while Shri Param sat back patiently with a twinkle in his eyes. I set the trap for me. Rather, my ego was fighting off the sword of truth that decapitates ego so one may begin or deepen a relationship with the Divine. Only then may one progress to learn what it REALLY means to Love and be a Spiritual Person.

So, to become a Living Goddess, one must first become a True Woman, which entails embodying the understanding of WOMAN’S TRUE POWER. To flow with Shakti is woman’s natural power. To RECLAIM WOMAN’S POWER means placing aside the ego self; opening and embracing the expression of one’s soul, the spirit. Only then may a woman create the future and embody the ULTIMATE DYNAMIC POWER OF THE UNIVERSE: SHAKTI. To become living goddesses’ women must collectively embrace our femininity and softness. When our internal environment is soft, relaxed and blissful we are most powerful.

Part of what makes women special is our ability to nurture, create, and birth life, whether the labor results in another life or the fruition of a creative project. To fully grasp and understand the important role softness plays in women’s power, consider the process of gestating, birthing, and nurturing life. To receive thoughts or seeds of life from Shiva, Shakti must be soft enough to be open and receptive. When women are soft, open, receptive, loving, and humble we allow Shakti to flow through, within, and around us. Once the yoni (Throne-room to Woman’s Sovereign Queendom) receives the thought or seed, it is best nurtured and tended when the channels of energy and tissues that provide nourishment and vitality are open.

The emotional state of women directly affects our yoni. When we become stressed, aggressive, anxious, or angry the network for nurturing is shut down and all of the vital nutrients and Shakti rush to various battle stations in the body.

Mothers and daughters ‘talk” to each other about their feelings right from the beginning, though not necessarily in words. They talk through soul communication, and through a whole series of complicated hormone and neurotransmitter messengers. Though mothers and daughters have different bloodstreams, they are so intimately connected that virtually all of the neurotransmitters and hormones that a mother’s body makes affects her baby, and that means that every emotion and subsequent biochemical change associated with that emotion affects her child.

For example, a mother’s sense of well-being or lack of it results in changes in stress hormones such as cortisol, ephinephrine, and vasopressin that help regulate placental blood flow and thus affect the amount of nutrients and oxygen a child is receiving. When a woman’s cortisol levels are high from maternal anxiety or fear, the result is a metabolic cascade (bathing our Yoni/Throne-room) that produces elevated levels of other hormones know as cytokines, which regulate the immune system. If cortisol and cytokine levels remain chronically elevated, a woman’s immune system and that of her developing baby may be compromised…Consequently, if a woman is well nourished, feels supported in her pregnancy, and enjoys a wide range of emotional and physical intimacy [aka LOVE] with her partner as well as her friends and family, her levels of the hormone oxytocin, one of the so-called molecules of belonging, will be increased, which enhances her and her baby’s immunity and helps her to bond with her child even before it is born. The neurotransmitters circulations through the mother’s body create a physical imprint on the developing brain and body of the child, hardwiring her sense of safety and security. Her very biology tells her, “All is well. I will be cared for. I am at peace”. (Northrup, 2005, p.66)

As children, girls, and adolescents we have all experienced trauma in our inherently misogynist society. It is now up to each of us to individually heal our wounded past, let it go and become the instruments of hope and healing that Mother Earth’s children so desperately need. When we embody Shakti, as True Women, we have the capacity and ability to nurture our children when they experience trauma and create a harmonious world.

Whenever there has been trauma of some kind, the human body pours out a huge amount of the stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol. This affects every function of the body, putting it on ‘red alert’ [all hands to battle stations]. in such a state, the reasoning part of the brain shuts down temporarily and consciousness turns inward…This makes the child hyper suggestible, referred to as the ‘healing zone’, when people are maximally open to the power of words, thoughts, and the environment-not unlike a state of hypnosis. During this time the mother or caregiver has a golden opportunity to use this biological state to implant hope and healing messages deep in the unconscious to be drawn on then and in the future.
(Northrup, 2005, p. 259)

Thus it is our power as women to overcome thoughts of despair, which lead to panic and remain open, steadfast, calm, graceful, and poised. There is a sense of urgency in today’s world, which I hear as a passionate cry from the Divine Mother to her daughters to reclaim our birth-right and become living goddesses and recognize Her power within.

When we give up our tenuous grasp or desperate clinging to illusion/Mother Maya, we see that true control, the only control with real power is not an external power to control the behavior or direction of others, but an internal flow of power. To flow with internal power means surrendering the ego to bask, bathe, and delight in the ride along ecstatic currents of gratitude. We optimally utilize control over our own ego. It is our ego that finds faults within ourselves as well as with other people, places, situations etc. It’s a downward spiral. One may always find fault. It’s up to us to accept responsibility for creating a harmonious environment to nurture future generations. To do this successfully we must instead focus our energies on embodying the qualities of the Goddess: Love, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Steadfastness, Softness, and Humility.

When we are humble we acknowledge that we are responsible for maintaining harmony as gratitude and softness within. Humility is recognizing the joy and blessing in serving the Circle of Life and feeling gratitude for the opportunity to express love in new dimensions. When situations or people behave inconsiderately, antagonistically, selfishly, rudely etc. that is their business and their poor expression of where they are at in the battle between ego self and the Soul Self. Engaging with them or even giving energy to harsh judgments that may arise in the mind only harms us, increasing our stress level and calling all hands to battle stations. Why would we harm ourselves that way?

Yet another layer of the profound Teachings of Para-Tan surface to encompass and answer this question: Why would we behave in a manner, which is unloving and detrimental to our own soul? The answer is simple: It’s al about LOVE! The western world has separated, suppressed, repressed, out-lawed, and forgotten the essence and message of LOVE. Love is expansive, sharing and giving, not self-centered, fearful, constrictive, and arrogant; the latter are qualities that define the western mind set. This must change! We must open to the flow of LOVE, embody LOVE by considering HUMILITY and come from the perspective of: HOW MAY WE BENEFIT THE WHOLE? Rather than HOW MAY THE WHOLE BENEFIT ME?

The divine being Jesus Christ embodied the teachings of Love, Compassion, and Grace and look how the world received him. Not only did our human race condemn, abandon, torture, and crucify the embodiment of Divine Grace, Love, and Compassion, millions of people around the world since then have been fanatically waving and thumping the bible as a message from God when it was written and edited with much the same bias responsible for Christ’s crucifixion!

There is absolutely no one to blame! The Creator of the Universe has a divine plan unfolding. However, it remains our individual choice in each moment of every day to utilize the gift of free will to surrender ego, control, selfishness, greed, arrogance, etc and embrace the Teachings of LOVE, GRACE, and COMPASSION.

It is our ego that gets offended when others treat us disrespectfully. Whatever they say or do does not touch the true essence of our soul’s expression. This is a wonderful phrase that helped me find serenity amidst a jammed packed, crowded, loud, hot, overnight train in India. When I was letting go of the remaining molecules of cellular memory regarding rape and sexual abuse I repeated: “They may touch my body, but never me”. This brought me immeasurable waves of peace, relaxation, and serenity.

As Shri Param has many times lovingly repeated, “The world is a trying place. Life will try you. It is not a question. The challenge is: Are you going to ‘try’ or be ‘tried’? Are you going to ungratefully give your power away to little boys who taunt you? Or to the neighbors who are too loud?”

It is through great suffering we find the greatest joy! Each trying experience and interaction is a gift from the Divine Mother to help you spend your karma and speed your journey HOME! Although we are presently living in one of the most difficult ages to be on Earth; it is also the easiest age to make the return journey HOME! With misery, suffering, greed, ego, violence, war, etc. available in mega-doses on every street corner and with the flick of a switch-the soul cries for a Divine Vision for hope and healing, much like a traumatized child.

As I am writing this, flakes of dried baking soda crumble into dust making a mess of my book, keyboard, chair, and the carpets throughout my house. However it’s a preferable option to the intense burning, itching, and weeping of the poison ivy rash I enthusiastically yet unwittingly covered myself in last week. Anyone who has had poison ivy outbreaks in the past will immediately know what I mean. For the rest of you (lucky)-it’s an itching, spreading, weeping rash contracted from the incredibly potent oils of the rhus tox (poison ivy) plant, which lasts from two to three weeks.

Shri Param and his Para Tan Teachings have instilled within me the importance of a spiritual practice and way of life that maintains gratitude aka Shakti and the bliss that comes with the practice. This is not just to be grateful for a day then to forget, but to flow with the expansive, ecstatic essence of gratitude. With intense itchiness burning the body it’s a mind over matter practice. In each moment (even while sleeping) I have the choice to surrender to the itching, flowing with gratitude for the teaching gift the plant is giving me, with the inherent bliss that comes from this choice, OR collapse into madness, crazy scratching and unbearable mental grumblings. Gratitude is BLISS! The reward is immense when we take the time and discipline to practice gratitude especially in the difficult situations. This is my current state.

As a result of the poison ivy coming into my life I gratefully have a constant and very present teacher reminding me to focus on gratitude and humility, with almost immediate sensational outcome. I have digested yet another soul nurturing plate from a multi course meal prepared and served by Shri Param, in the form of lessons in Steadfastness.

To embody the divine quality of Steadfastness requires one not get excited or anxious. They have same affect on the body. This was very clearly illustrated to me by my present poison ivy teachings. I became very excited after getting off the phone with an Osteopathic Physician friend of mine, who informed me that the rash was no longer contagious and wouldn’t spread anymore. While I was ungracefully clapping my hands, singing, dancing, and cavorting around the kitchen the heat intensified and with it the bliss evaporated into crazy itchiness. I grimaced gratefully as I saw and heard Shri Param in my heart, “A goddess does not get excited. She is passionate, enthusiastic, and Steadfast”.

As a result of the itchiness, wearing clothes has been unbearable. I have been contentedly cloistered in my home, sunbathing (to dry the rash) and writing-all the while enjoying the blissful sensations of awakened Kundalini, making love with the air, dancing shadows and taking in the rustling, shimmering buds and birds fluttering, dipping, singing, and celebrating spring in the White Oaks and Beech trees surrounding my home sanctuary. Spending these last few days reflecting upon the Teachings of Para-Tan in my birthday suit in poison ivy and gratitude induced ecstasy has deepened my relationship with the cycles of Mother Nature. The last two dawns my ivy friend woke me up in time for chanting my Gratitude east into the rising sunlight.

Focusing on gratitude for the ever present poison ivy sensations has had an incredible affect on the state of my hormones, in combination with the mandatory gratitude practice that is healing the previously intense pain that taught me so much in the two weeks between ovulation and bleeding every month for the last seventeen years. Spontaneous eruptions of yogic poses, dance movements, and sound saturated in extremely vivid and colorful symbolic images combining Para-Tan Teachings with those of the Maya Shaman and Native Medicine Wheel flood though me. I enthusiastically share these details from my personal life to illustrate how I have benefited from several of the profound Para Tan Teachings, which indicate that most trying and challenging situations in life are the best teachers.

It is within woman’s nature to intimately relate through the spirit. We may only know our spirit and become spiritual people when we put aside our ego, negativity, cynicism, and the vast assortment of selfish diseases with which we westerners are plagued. WOMAN’S POWER is that of the ultimate dynamic power of the Universe: Adi-Para-Shakti, whose powers are LOVE, COMPASSION, GRACE, NURTURING, STEADFASTNESS, CREATIVITY, and SOFTNESS.

To reclaim our power collectively each one of us must reclaim and accept responsibility for the power to create her environment. To create a hopeful, peaceful, harmonious, and above all LOVING environment to nurture future generations, we must use our inner control and discipline to maintain a SOFT, RECEPTIVE, OPEN, and FLOWING NATURE. It is the wisdom of these Para-Tan Teachings and through the Mother’s Divine Grace bestowed upon me by Para-Tan Tantric Guru Shri Param Eswaran that I share to benefit the whole. Meeting Shri Param and receiving the blessings of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses has changed my life, and made me a new woman, a TRUE WOMAN. I surrender my humble self to SERVE THE UNIVERSE with the blessing of Guru Shri Param Eswaran AND THESE TEACHINGS.

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