The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran
The Father of Para-Tan, master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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The Living Goddess Tradition

The living Goddess is a person who radiates the energy of the Goddess

More then 2000 years of male, dominated religion is enough, for it has disempowered women, thus blocking the free flow of energy in her womb. The spoken words of women have become less trusting, thus preventing the free flow of sweet and harmonious words. Spoken words come from the fifth chakra, giving voice to emotion within the navel and heart chakra. The voice from the fifth Chakra penetrates to the heart chakra of the listener, be it harsh or pure sound. Pure sound sends pure energy to the womb, harsh sound sends harsh energy to the Womb and the second chakra. 

For real healing to happen to society, both woman and man must seriously re-evaluate the position of women in our contemporary societies. In the early times there were societies based around a Goddess Religion. When society was based around a Goddess Religion, women were worshiped as Goddesses. These societies followed a peaceful, agrarian lifestyle.

It is time that we work towards removing gender imbalance, which is still glaringly obvious in modern society. This gender imbalance is the main cause of all the health problems that prevail in society.

In all of this, for good health and peace to prevail, each woman needs to be respected as a Goddess, as she too is part of the Great Mother Goddess. All women have to prepare themselves, making themselves once more worthy of being worshiped.

Let us together help heal the Womb of every women so that peace will prevail. When women are healed, Mother Earth will be healed as well.

In the art of human creation all females or males must come through a female; thus women occupy the highest rank in the order of creative force.

As stressed in most Tantrik teachings that all things was created from Mahamaya and from her Yoni all the Gods and all beings were created.

It is time that women take their place in society, not by competing with men, but by regaining their true inner strength, thus helping Mother Earth regain her glory. "The Hand that rock the cradle rules the world." In the old days WOMEN ruled both Man and all that came under her domain. It is within all women to regain the true power within a her, thus she can once again rule everything that came within her domain

To restore Mother Earth, Women must become a True Queen to her domain. It is not enough to call oneself a Queen or Goddess and hope that change will take place. She has to first invoke the Mahavidya Goddess, who reside within her.

Para-Tan has an easy and effective way to invoke the Goddess, God, and balance the energy of the elements and planets within.

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Listen and practice the bija mantras every day and it will have a transformative effect on every aspect of your life. We suggest giving it a try for a few weeks and seeing what a difference they can make! Do it before your daily meditation and you'll really see a major change. Or combine it with your existing energy healing works, and see how much more powerful it becomes.

An advance application of the sound will invoke all the Goddesses and God, at the same time balance the energy of the both the planets and elements. The advance application of sound will help to invoke the Kundalini energy within in a very gentle and safe manner

This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful, especially when you receive it from our Master.

In western Tantric circle, many women calling themselves Goddess and profess that they are Tantra teachers without having any knowledge about Mantra, Yantras and the different Goddess energy within. 

Some of them are thought by their teacher to activate their Kundalini without proper preparation. 

All women are invited to join hands with our Master The Father of Para-Tan, Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, India, Shri Param Eswaran who advocates right-hand-path known as Dakshinachara Tantric practice, Dakshina Kalika devotee, and would like to form Tantric Communities around the world, to help women regain their true power, and never again be alone. 

This community will create an environment that will support Women to reclaim their lost power through having loving and supportive friends. 

Without Sakthi there can be no life, as such we need all the Sakthi's of this earth to become true Sakthi's and give this Earth the life it needs. The Sakthi's of this world have been stripped of their powers by men who changed their religious text so that they may control women. Women have over the years tried to regain it without knowing how too. 

This struggle has produced lots of strong women, but without inner strength, as such it is still a struggle. This strength has created many broken homes, with Men not knowing how to deal with the situation. Men are still in the believe that they are the stronger of the sexes, but in actual fact they are not.  

The downside to the struggles is that women have become more prone to illnesses or even a Tumor, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorder.

For the good of our present and future generation, women have to reclaim their true strength, strength of the Divine Goddess, powerful yet loving, gentle and compassionate.

Women's spiritual is the answer to this struggle.

By the end of 2012 we would have more single parent home in the west, thus creating more disharmony in society, for the future would not have an healthy imbalance of Sakthi and Shiva energy. 

We are not trying to imply that the Goddess path is an elitist way of life, or that a Goddess path is for the chosen few. It is open to every man and woman born on this beautiful Mother Earth. This is from women who want to Goddess or Queen of the home, and first Guru to their children, and men who want to respect women for their wisdom, and inborn divinity.

All women are born as Living Goddess and forgotten, all one has to do is to reclaim the knowledge. Unlike any other paths, this path is the birth right of every women.

To take the path of the Goddess just as a mere whim or as a means to fame is a total waste of time and will cause much more harm than good. It could create physical discomfort, more unhappiness.

Goddess path is merely a way of life adopted by women as a means to explore, to know and to awaken the depths of ones own being, and to serve the community by bring about change within society. All communities need the wisdom of the women and intelligence of the men to flourish.

God, goddess are one and the same, as such sees no different or barriers between female and male.

It is difficult to define a Goddess by external actions because a Goddess is really an inner attitude. For there would be no external attributes such as robes or any special difference from the rest of society. The only external indicator it the power and the inner ray that would permeate the whole being, which would be notice by all. And this will be the main strength that would help bring the change that Mother has been wanting for a very very long time.

When both Sakthi and Shiva are doing the cosmic dance on Mother Earth, the rest of the world will have to join in.

Living Goddess could be any person of any religion or mystical sect, even of no sect or religion at all, who wishes to follow the general purpose of reclaiming her birth right, both women and man must want to invoke the Goddess within.

It is perfectly natural that, for a Goddess to be beyond all religions and special dogmas. There can really be no such person as a Hindu Goddess , Christian Goddess, Muslim Goddess, Buddhist Goddess and so forth. Goddess should be able to accept all other religions as a valid way of life for some people, and that all of it come from Her. All should aspire beyond the limitations of any systems. Goddess should be beyond the shackles of any one religion or country, and beyond the confines of belief or non belief, regardless of age and race.

A non-religious is equally qualified to be a Goddess, provided the person in not tied down to any bigoted dislike to this path or any other path. One's non-belief is perfectly acceptable, but it should not be negative. One should be able to accept that other's choice of path is a valid way of life.

Our potential of life is limitless. Very few people realize that they are capable to transcend the shackles of individual's identification. Few are those who have gone beyond the limitations of the ego. Most people have not started to be aware of the vast potential for expanded awareness available to them. It is the will of the Universe and our Divine Mother who has given me this vision to write what is written.

Most people only believe in what can be seen by the eyes, heard by the ears, smelled by the nose, tasted by the tongue and felt by the skin. Many even accept that physical pain is natural with aging process and do not grow beyond it.

This is like living in one dark closed room for a life time, always thinking that there is nothing outside, and as soon as the person walks out of the door of the dark room, the person immediately knows that there is much more than previously conceived. It is the same when one starts to explore their own being, their whole conception of life, other around them and they themselves expand.

Let us try to flow with the river of life, and except whatever is, take whatever comes and respond accordingly. This does not mean that we are asking you to be lazy, but to be compelled to act in a special manner by the dictates of dharma in accordance with your drive and personal traits. 

We ask you to listen to your inner inspiration, to know whether to act or not act. Should you decide to act write to us.

Our Goddess Training program is ideal for women who want to true Goddess.

REGISTER NOW - TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE. Number are limited to 8 participants. Please click here to register and also arrange with us to send you deposit of US500 to-day. The balance is due on arrival in Malaysia

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.

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