The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran
The Father of Para-Tan, master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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Womb Healing with Para-Tan Bija Sound

This is an exclusive retreat for 10 female participants, only offer in Ojai, Italy and the Netherlands other then at our centers, both in Malaysia and India.

Join us in magical Ojai, California, for the rare opportunity to study with this renowned Tantric Master-- Father of Para-Tan Sound Healing and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition, founder of the Mahavidya Temple, in Tamil Nadu, India, Shri Param Eswaran. Shri Paramji’s teachings are founded on the ancient ways of the Mahavidya, or Wisdom Goddesses, also known as the Living Goddess Tradition—whose powerful spiritual practices were once kept secret.

Womb Healing with Sound:

April 26th-29th--10:00am-6:00pm, daily.

Early Registration Tuition: $540 per person--which includes a daily delicious, organic, cleansing vegetarian lunch--prepared by Shri Paramji, especially for the group. Included in the intensive tuition is your own personal consultation with Paramji on a personal mantra. Tution after March 15th, $578. Tuition does not include lodging. (For more on lodging, scroll down.)

This exclusive retreat is limited to 10 women, so register now to reserve your space!

To register via Paypal and reserve lodging, please go to:

Scroll down for the power of sound as it relates to healing the womb. This 4 day immersion will be a rich experience of healing and transformation, on all levels. Para-Tan Sound Healing activates the Kundalini Shakti, the primordial creative life force within, to clear inner obstacles and awaken our innate Radiance, Loving kindness, Health, Balance, Awareness and Intelligence--which allows us to more fully own and embody the Power, Beauty, Truth, Strength, Magnificence, Wisdom and Grace which is our True Nature.


Ananda Veranda is offering its gorgeous retreat space to Paramji Eswaran with the filling of its overnight rooms. If you are coming from out-of-town, please reserve your room or teahouse on-site at this enchanting sanctuary in Ojai’s idyllic East End--where you can absorb the healing energy, rest, enjoy in-season avocados, sip tea on the verandah and take in the magnificent pink moment sunset atop the mountains, sit beside the fire, stroll to class each morning and swim and soak beneath the stars at night! Includes breakfast. Options range from $22.50 per night for sharing an outdoor, yurt-style tea house in the avocado grove to $135 per night for a room with private bath. Spaces will fill quickly, so reserve yours as soon as possible.

Reserve here:

For photos of Anandah Veranda retreat location and lodging:

For any questions, please contact Kelly Luscombe Bea at

How does Sound Healing affect the the Womb, the Yoni?

• As the divine seat of power for the universe, the Yoni is a receptive vessel which contains the thoughts and emotions we put into it. The unfortunate case in today’s world is that women and men alike have lost the understanding of true power, woman’s power, Yoni (Womb) power. The result is the many and varied reproductive illnesses and diseases prevalent today. When we do not honor the powers of the Yoni, we place toxins into our Holy Grail and it becomes poisoned, dull, lifeless, and at long last, lost. Understanding the divine qualities and powers of the Yoni is the first step women especially must take in order to recognize how our misogynist conditioning has poisoned our thoughts and our emotions so that we have not only forgotten our power, but now actively work against them.

• Para-Tan-Sound-Healing is a powerful practice which may be applied for a range of results, depending upon the passion of the individual.

• Para-Tan-Sound Healing breaks up emotional trauma stored as neuro-peptides in cell receptor sites, and allows for a free flow of energy to rebuild healthy, vital cells and tissue (Pert, 2003).

• According to the passion level of each individual, Para-Tan may simply heal illness and provide health and happiness or it may be used as a powerful and profoundly effective tool for accelerated spiritual growth. This is especially true for couples who are committed to spiritual growth and sharing their loving journey and life together. However it may be used, whether as preventative medicine, maintenance and/or spiritual evolution, Para-Tan is the most powerful and direct method available on Earth to clear and activate one’s ‘nadi’ system.

• Para-Tan-Sound-Healing utilizes the sacred bija mantras of the Dasha Mahavidya, thus activating the qualities of the divine goddesses within. One must recognize that thoughts are directly responsible for the creation of either healthy or unhealthy emotions. Para-Tan can and does break up the cells but the thoughts must be purified by none other than one’s own inner guru. Success will depend upon the passion for knowing one’s true self, and varies with each individual.

• To find, reclaim, and activate one’s Yoni/Holy Grail, one has to have an understanding of the powers of the Goddess. The true powers of the Yoni/ Shakti /Devi/Woman are: Love, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Serving, Creativity, Goodness, Humility, Softness, Honesty, Steadfastness, Inner Strength, and Wisdom.

• One must learn how to deprogram and reprogram their thinking in order to halt and reverse the destructive conditioning causing illness to take up residence within the divine seat of power. Para-Tan-Sound-Healing will break up the cells, but each one of us must take the responsibility to be grateful, appreciate the opportunity and gift we have been given and remedy our thought pattern so we do not recreate stagnation within our nadis, which caused the diseased cells in the first place. It also breaks up energetic blockages and cells which are created and reinforced by environmental pollution, both physical and mental.

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.

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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

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